Why are we doing this?

Uncomfortable Brunch came from a place of love for all things film. Many in the circle attended film school, watched films obsessively in our formative years and have worked in film. We love it. And while age has sometimes robbed us of our enthusiasm and ability to endlessly proselytize about a film's relative merits, we still have fun with it from time to time.

So if you like movies (particularly those that should never be watched with a crowd) join us once a week while we wax philosophical on films, life and dick jokes (and much, much more we assume).If you have feedback, ideas for topics or want to yell at us about something head over to the Contact section on the main page.



The Uncomfortable Brunch Podcast is a weekly podcast that revolves around all things uncomfortable. Since we are a companion podcast to the Uncomfortable Brunch event it will be your primary source for elaboration and word of all the behind the scenes goings on. But since we think the event more often than not speaks for itself, the topics will evolve into other areas of life. The ultimate goal is to make people laugh and hopefully make one half hour per week slightly more tolerable. We release a new episode Fridays at midnight.

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes (which we highly recommend) or Libsyn or any podcast app.

Or just want the basic RSS feed for some reason we can't imagine? Well, here you go.